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We know you value your vacation as it is your time to recharge your mind and body as well as spur your creativity. For the Fun Seeker in you, we have the place to inspire new thoughts and indulge your senses. The best time of a vacation is when you are looking forward to it. When plans are made and you know exactly what to expect. How many have reserved excursions before going on a cruise or made itineraries when visiting some place? That gives you something to look forward to.

We designed our Hand Tailored vacations around these same thoughts. By a series of questions we provide, we will offer suitable options to visit. Whether you want action, a mellow relaxing time, shopping or cultural event, we will help you out by taking a short survey. You will have an idea of what is around to do in your inbox BEFORE you arrive at the Inn.

Now, some people like surprises. We can save the itinerary until you arrive, that way the expectation will be like a gift vacation.

Give us a try. You have nothing to lose. Send us an email requesting the Hand Tailored vacations survey to get you started.


We have tried these and we recommend them to you. More will be coming as we try them out.


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