The Rosewood Improv

Come and See!

Come and Do!

Come and Do!

Stand up comedians, magicians, singers, musicians, performers… solo or in a group. If you have the talent, we want you. As a performer, it’s hard to start. You don’t have a home base. You might not have a budget. You’re still building a following for your show. Don’t worry! At The Rosewood, show rentals are 100% free. We take all the upfront risk because we believe your show will be great and here’s how we qualify success:

Success @ 20 seats sold – Our costs are covered and if you’re nice, we’ll invite you back.

Paid out @ 20+ seats – You get Paid! $10 for every ticket sold past the first 20 (i.e. 38 tickets = $180)

I am sure you’ll be marketing and so will we. We want nothing more than for you to become a local celebrity. Just remember where you started!

There will be three kinds of shows that will be in the space:

One Time Only: A brand new show, a visiting artist, a press preview. Try something out and see if it sticks.

Multi-week runs: We will focus on giving shows which couldn’t otherwise afford a long run. This will allow you to get everyone you want to attend your event.

Keystone shows: You can consistently fill a house, so we’ll partner with you to put on shows on a regular basis. Monthly, weekly. Build a strong following.

What do we offer?

One very spectacular Inn.  Just think about its past, this Inn received guests like Charles Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, the Gish Sisters, Elsie Ferguson, Muriel Ostriche… should I go on? Anita Stewart, Madge Kennedy, Dorothy Dalton, Wallace Reid, Jack Pickford, Jack London, Clara Kimball Young, Priscilla Dean, Norma Talmadge, Pearl White, Douglas Fairbanks and America’s sweetheart, Mary Pickford. This inn was made for entertaining and with a list like this, you will be in good company.

Tickets will be offered online as well as at the inn. We have an online gift shop where guests can reserve seats and they can even purchase some of our hand-made items if they want.

We will staff the bar, handle the tickets, and clean up afterwards. Basically, we’ll do the dirty work for you. We’ll even have pastries so it’ll be like an after dinner dessert and show.

Now, what do you have to offer?

We want weird. We want new. We want untested! We’re pretty sure you will find a place in The Rosewood. The only way we can find out for sure is if you talk to us. WE WANT YOU! So call us, we’ll show you the Inn and you can make a decision then. Are you adventurous enough to take the challenge? Now, if we’re taking all upfront risks, do you have anything to lose?



phone: 603.938.5253