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Celestial Events in 2016

After our family went to the town meeting in Bradford last night we came back to a beautiful starlit night.  As I was walking the family puppy dog to close out the evening I even saw a meteor flash across the sky!

This got me thinking about how wonderful the view was likely to be of major celestial events now that we’ve settled in out here in the countryside of New Hampshire.  Even more, it got me thinking how we can we share this amazing view with our guests in the future.  So I went out and found a short list of expected 2016 nighttime events  (Credit given to the New Hampshire Astronomical Society ( and their wonderful calendar)).

April 21-23 – Lyrid meteor shower
May 5-7 – Aquarid meteor shower
May 21 – Blue Moon
July 29-31 – Delta Aquarid meteor shower
August 12 and 14 – Perseids meteor showers
October, November and December will be a busy months with two meteor showers each month:
     Draconid meteors – October 7-9
     Orionid meteors – October 20-23
    Taurid meteors November 4-7
    Leonid meteors – November 16-19
     Geminids meteor shower – December 13-14 – This one is estimated at 120 meteors per hour – but Full Cold Moon could impact December 14th – so the best time to see them is Dec 13th.
      Ursid meteor shower – December 22-24th


Three Super Moons at the end of the year are:

October 16 – Blood Moon

November 14– Hunters Moon

December 14 Full Cold Moon


For those of you wanting to come experience any of the above give us a call or check out our availability online.  Sniffles wouldn’t mind the extra company once he’s gotten to know you, if you want to walk with us.  Or, you and your partner can talk a nice romantic stroll down the lane by yourselves to experience the same.  Let me know and Sniffles and I can walk the other direction, so you can have your privacy that night!

Either way you can take a nice walk  for a bit down the country lane that runs in front of the Rosewood Country Inn, to see what the sky’s decide to reveal that night!

Disclaimer – of course, you never know when mother nature will allow us to see and you are never guaranteed to have as stunningly clear sky as I experienced last night.  But if you aren’t here to experience it, I can guaranteed you won’t see it!