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Find out what to SEE and what to DO right here at the Rosewood. From Comedy Nights, Murder Mysteries, Arts and Crafts, Music and Shows, the Rosewood is the place to be. Check out our calendar for the most entertaining events right here in the Lake Sunapee area. Space is limited so make sure and reserve a seat now.

May Events

Murder Mystery Weekend

May 13 – 15 2022

Wizard Games Murder Mystery

Inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter, calling all Wizards for an adventure in wizardry school. Every house is celebrating! Parties everywhere as the House Cup has been claimed. Tonight, there will be laughter, dance, food, magic, gossip and there will be… murder! How can something so fun go so wrong? Are you ready to take the challenge and find out who did it?

Get your wands and your capes ready and be transported into a world of magic where things that look real might not be and life as we know it is so much different

Travel to a magical time!

This is a whodunit case at the Rosewood. Will you be able to find the culprit? Join us for a weekend full of questions, unknowns and fun that might kill you.

Murder Mystery weekend is all inclusive and for 2 nights, it includes from rooms to food and events. We are aiming for a more immersive experience where all weekend is magical:

  • Participation in the Murder Mystery Weekend.
  • Friday Night 8:00-8:30 pm dessert reception at our bar. Get to meet the other players and learn the rules.
  • Friday night 8:30 – 9:30 pm. Join the rest of the house members and do a theme appropriate game. It will give you time to commingle with the possible killer, meet others and have fun!
  • Saturday morning, breakfast is included and then a time to rest.
  • Saturday noon-2:30 pm. We will start with lunch followed by everyone designing a crafty memento theme related.
  • Saturday, 5:00 pm event starts and runs until ~10:00 pm
    • Commingle with your peers and plan your strategy!
    • Dinner buffet included.
    • Possibility of being murdered during the event.
    • Try to solve the mystery!
  • Sunday buffet breakfast
  • Sunday ~9:30 am awards with different categories

This is a fun event as you are actually an actor in the mystery. Will you be the killer? Will you be the victim? Will you be the fly on the wall that solves the case? The level of participation is up to you, just make sure you have your back covered.

Murder Mystery

Due to catering arrangements and character distribution, reservations close by April 29. Fee is non-refundable after we close registration.

Room rates based on double occupancy (select rooms can sleep more people at an extra charge of $50/pp/night) plus $170.00 per person for the murder itself.

As of 4/8/2022 all rooms are available. Reserve soon to get the best selection.

Standard Rooms: $706.73 for 2 nights, all activities and taxes included.
Fireplace Rooms: $863.93 for 2 nights, all activities and taxes included. Some rooms sleep more than 2 people w/extra charge.
Fireplace Rooms w/Jacuzzi: $936.75 for 2 nights, all activities and taxes included. All rooms can sleep more than 2 people w/extra charge.

Reservations are done via phone as all rooms are locked to only murder participants.

This is an exclusive Rosewood Country Inn production

Please call us at 603.938.5253 to make your reservation. All rooms are locked for game participants only.