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Thank you for visiting our gift shop. We are so excited to have our Inn be a part of the e-commerce revolution. Just when you thought you could not teach an old Inn new tricks and here he is, still amazing us. We are building products, creating friendships and building rapport so bear with us. I am slow at taking photos and posting but we’ll make sure and put all items of our gift shop online.

For now, please notice you will be redirected to an outside site. meaning we want to make sure your transaction is secure and hence, we have partnered with Square. They will handle our products and process payments.

We have 3 categories in our shop.

  1. They are baked goods following the Home Food Operation in New Hampshire rules which means you will need to come purchase them and pick them up on site. They are in our website so you can see what we have available and the yummy treats Stan has for us. These are marked for Inn pickup only.

  2. Regular items, feel free to buy them. We will ship anywhere.

  3. Event tickets. These are for events we hold at the Inn. Take a look, there might be something you like.



Online Store