What You Need to Know About The Rosewood’s Pop-Up Kitchen

There are Pop-Up Kitchens, Test Kitchens, Ghost Kitchens, Virtual Kitchens, Community Kitchens, Shared Kitchens or Cloud Kitchens. Their name does not matter. These are places that have kitchens and are making memorable family meals. The Rosewood now has the first pop-up kitchen in Bradford, NH. Currently, one day a week our kitchen is full of action with delicious smells filling the Inn while doing catering. We now want to extend this opportunity to others.

As a small-scale catering business, Rosewood Country Inn understands firsthand how difficult it can be to find a licensed commercial kitchen space to rent for food prep and production in the Sunapee area. For this purpose, we are looking to expand our kitchen time with other chefs that need a kitchen for their use. The Rosewood is the first venue of this nature in Bradford. Whether you are making macarons, catering cocktail parties, or pickling peppers for your local farmer’s market, our solar powered rentable kitchen have what you need to focus your attention on what really matters to your business bottom line.

Purpose of a Pop-Up Kitchen

Whether you’re a chef or restaurateur, there are a few different reasons why you may be considering a pop-up kitchen. Below are a few ideas you might be thinking as uses for an extra area.

  • Temporarily test out menu concepts
  • Open a kitchen to supply food for benefits or charity events
  • They allow first-time restaurant owners or aspiring chefs to build a presence and reputation
  • Attract potential investors looking to see your concept in action
  • Chefs can offer high-end, gourmet food at a more affordable price by cutting out restaurant costs
  • Need a regular kitchen to fulfill your food trailer
  • Fulfill your own catering business
  • Offer total creative freedom to chefs without a large risk factor

What we’re offering:

  • The possibility of using our kitchen for your own creations
  • A shared culinary kitchen and creative workspace devoted to incubating startups and food trucks in the Sunapee area
  • Fully licensed kitchen
  • Reduced rental spaces to help new and upcoming businesses

Basics we require to share our kitchen:

  • All Businesses must be registered with the State and have an EIN/Tax ID Number
  • Insurance Policy with Rosewood Country Inn listed as Additionally Insured
  • ServSafe Food Managers Certificate (1 Managers certificate to be in the kitchen at all times) Food Handler’s Certificate (required for all additional staff)

If you are looking for a place to set house, give us a call to visit our kitchen and talk about what you and us have to offer. The Rosewood has a great spot for a Pop-Up Kitchen, Test Kitchen or Ghost Kitchen, whatever you want to call it. The Rosewood’s Kitchen is open to help all aspiring chefs with their creations. Call us at 603.938.5253.