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Sugaring Season in Full Swing in NH

Our boy and I went next door and visited the neighbors’ sugar shack again today.  When we got there we found the entire family and their friends gathering to go up in the woods to collect the sap from the many trees they had tapped.  Our boy got to do something I’d never done, he got to collect raw sap from a wild maple grove!  We collected the sap from the buckets tapping the trees with the extended Messer family and their friends.

The really cool thing is, the Messer’s are the family that started our Inn back in the 1890’s, when it was known first as the Pleasant View Farm and later the Pleasant View Inn.  It’s neat to see the link in the chain extended to our little family, and I really thank the Messer family for allowing us to join them in their traditions.  That’s part of what really makes Bradford a great place – people are so open and willing to let you join them and experience life, and our boy is getting to open his eyes to new experiences in what is truly a whole new world to him!

The previous day he’d gone to visit one of his friends at the Hope Well farm (, where they raise beef cattle, sheep, hogs and chickens along with having their own Maple grove.  New Hampshire has opened it’s arms to us and our little guy is soaking it all in.

And in the process I walked 10 miles today!  So New Hampshire has been good to open our boys eyes and to thin down my waist.