Summer Guide to the Great Outdoors on Lake Sunapee

If you’re looking for the perfect summer getaway and a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then you’ve found a gem in Lake Sunapee. From the moment you see the lake on your approach, you’ll know that you’ve chosen your vacation spot well.

Lake Sunapee has been enchanting vacationers for longer than living memory. At 10 miles long, 1100 ft. above sea level, and within close proximity of Mouth Sunapee, Mount Kearsarge, and Lake Solitude, you’ll struggle to find a more beautiful or welcoming vacation spot. Holding the title of the highest lake in America for its generous size, you’ll be blown away by the surrounding beauty of Lake Sunapee and the vast range of activities you’ll discover nearby.

Lake Sunapee is the perfect vacation spot for adventurers, explorers, crafters, anglers, thrill-seekers, and anyone who loves the idea of a relaxing break away surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in New Hampshire. With endless activities, fabulous restaurants, incredible lodgings, stunning scenery, and the perfect mix of tranquility and exciting events, Lake Sunapee is a vacation hotspot that well and truly has it all.

Eager to see what Lake Sunapee has to offer you this summer? Keep reading to uncover the secrets of the region and the best locations to make your vacation in the great outdoors on Lake Sunapee one to remember…

Lake Sunapee Fishing & Boating

Fishing and boating are two very popular activities in New Hampshire. NH boating opportunities will differ depending on where you visit in the state; on Lake Sunapee, you have plenty of boating activities to choose from.

You could head down to Sunapee Harbor and jump aboard a paddlewheel steamboat replica for a dinner cruise; take the ultimate tour of Lake Sunapee on a daytime trip with Sunapee Cruises; or explore the lake at your own pace by renting a paddleboard , kayak , pontoon or powerboats at Sargents Marina.

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Lake Sunapee is a brilliant destination for experienced anglers, beginners who want to improve their skills, and youngsters who are just getting to grips with fishing. Fishing is a popular pastime in summer and winter on Lake Sunapee, but there’s certainly something very special about fishing during the warm, bright summer months, when the region really comes to life!

Summer Fishing on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire

Now to drill into the fishing opportunities on Lake Sunapee – the reason, perhaps, for your interest in this glorious region. Well, if you’re an avid angler, then you’re not going to be disappointed by the chance to go summer fishing on Lake Sunapee.

Lake Sunapee has gained a pretty excellent reputation over the years as a fishing hotspot. The water is clear, and the visibility is pretty exceptional, especially during the summer months. There are multiple launch facilities in Lake Sunapee, including at Mount Sunapee State Park and Sunapee Harbor.

Mount Sunapee State Park is a great place to visit for fishing; the park is open every day of the week from June 8th to September 2nd. There are plenty of amenities at Mount Sunapee State Park, including a boat launch area and kayak and canoe rentals. After a trip out on the water, you can return to shore and enjoy the beautiful stretch of golden beach!

For fishing trips from Sunapee Harbor, you have the option of renting a boat  from Sargent’s Marina or using the public boat launch. If you fancy heading out for dinner afterwards, then there are plenty of great restaurants around Sunapee Harbor, and a number of attractions nearby that the whole family can enjoy.

Lake Sunapee Amenities

  • Bait & Tackle
  • Boat Launch Ramp
  • Boat Rental
  • Campgrounds
  • Convenience Store
  • Lodging
  • Marina
  • Bait & Tackle
  • Restaurant

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Lake Sunapee – Primary Species of Fish

If the beauty of Lake Sunapee wasn’t reason enough to pack up your rods, reels, and lures and head down to the lake, then perhaps the types of fish in Lake Sunapee might. For younger anglers just learning the ropes, there are plenty of sunfish to catch in Lake Sunapee! During the summer, you’ll find a variety of fish in Lake Sunapee, including:

      • Brook Trout (early spring to the end of summer)
      • Atlantic Salmon (early spring through to late June)
      • Small Mouth Bass (June and July)
      • Large Mouth Bass
      • Lake Sunapee Trout (early spring to the end of summer)
      • Pumpinskin Sunfish
      • Perch and Chain Pickerel

      Craft Shows Near Bradford, NH

      Fishing may be a popular pastime on Lake Sunapee, but you’ll be able to look forward to a much wider variety of activities during your visit. You’ll soon discover that there’s no shortage of craft shows and attractions to explore near Bradford!

      August is a particularly good time to visit Lake Sunapee if you have a passion for crafts. The Craftsmen’s Fair– which attracts more than 350 craftspeople – starts in the first week of the month and runs for 9 days. The fair is held at Mount Sunapee Resort Adventure Park, where there’s also a wide range of outdoor activities.

      Other annual events near Lake Sunapee during the summer, include:

      There are shows and outdoor activities-galore during June, July, and August around Lake Sunapee. You could stop by the Antique & Collectible Motor Vehicle Show in June, along with the Annual Strawberry Festival, which is full of art, music, and food. The Annual Lake Sunapee Sailing Day is also held in August, along with The Craftsmen’s Fair.

      All summer long, you’ll discover plenty to do around Lake Sunapee, including outdoor concerts held in Sunapee Harbor, Newport, Newbury, and New London. You could also visit The Fells, a historic country estate with 22 fascinating rooms, 164-acres of grounds, and an incredible sculpture exhibit.

      Lake Sunapee Shoreline View - New Hampshire

        Parks Near Lake Sunapee in Bradford, NH

        The allure of Lake Sunapee and its breath-taking views could easily monopolize your time during your vacation, but there are many more beauty spots in the local area that are well worth visiting.

        Mount Sunapee State Park offers a range of activities such as hiking, picnicking, and mountain biking. You could also go swimming or boating at nearby Sunapee State Beach; about a mile from the beach you’ll discover Sunapee State Park campground with lean-to sites and picnic tables.

        Corbin Bridge and Park is another place worth visiting during your visit to Lake Sunapee. Located just 2 miles to the north of Newport Village, Corbin Bridge and Park has some wonderful picnic spots and you can fish in the Sugar River.

        Rollins State Park and Winslow State Park are located fairly close by. Winslow State Park is another picnic hotspot with some incredible views of the surrounding areas and Rollins State Park – located in Warner – has a lovely wooded area for picnics and views of the Boston skyline on clear days.

        About Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire

        Mount Sunapee is a popular skiing destination in winter, but the impressive mountain has plenty of appeal during the summer for visitors who fancy exploring the rugged terrain and discovering the vast selection of adventure activities on offer.

        A trip to Mount Sunapee is sure to be a highlight of your vacation to Lake Sunapee, whether you decide to hike one of the many trails or pay a visit to Mount Sunapee Adventure Park. The adventure park is a popular local attraction, with a range of activities, such as the disc golf course, gravity jumps, climbing walls, and mountain biking. For the real thrill-seekers, the 1,000 ft. zipline and high ropes course – which is 40 ft. above the ground – are star attractions!

        For a more peaceful activity on Mount Sunapee, you could take a ride on the quad chair lifts – a very popular summer attraction. The quad stair lifts will take you up to the summit where some incredible views are waiting.

        Mount Sunapee Hiking & Lodging Information

        A summer vacation spent in the great outdoors wouldn’t be complete without a good hiking trail… or two or three! As you might imagine, with Mount Kearsarge and Mount Sunapee on your doorstep, you’ll have an abundance of walking and hiking trails to explore.

        Some of the best trails around Lake Sunapee include:

        • The Barlow Trail – Winslow State Park – 1.7 miles

        • The Winslow Trail – Winslow State Park – 1.1 miles

        • Bradford Bog – Bradford – 0.6 miles

        • The Andrew Brook Trail – Mount Sunapee State Park – 2 miles to Lake Solitude

        • The Newbury Trail – Mount Sunapee – 3.2 miles to the summit

        • The Province Trail – Mount Sunapee – 1.8 miles to the summit

        • Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Trail – 50-mile loop

        • Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Trail – 75-mile loop

        Luxury Lodging in Bradford, New Hampshire

        What could be better after a long day hiking, exploring, or discovering the many wonders of Lake Sunapee, than the perfect lodgings to return to. There’s a vast selection of lodgings around Lake Sunapee, including cottages, farms, and motels.

        If you want to be close to all the action in your own tranquil corner of the Lake Sunapee area, then we welcome your stay at Rosewood Country Inn, located in Bradford, New Hampshire near Lake Sunapee – is a charming inn with more than 150 years of history.

        Perfectly situated for a relaxing vacation, without having to travel far to get to the best activities and beauty spots around Lake Sunapee, The Rosewood Country Inn is a home away from home nestled in the heart of Lake Sunapee – the ideal basecamp for your summer adventure in the great outdoors!