The Importance of Safety, Cleanliness & Sanitation at Rosewood Country Inn

We at Rosewood Country Inn have always taken the importance of keeping our facilities not only in the best condition possible, but as clean as can be. During these difficult times for Americans across the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the importance of keeping clean has never been more essential. Though you may not be staying with us right now, we are awaiting your return. Just because we cannot see you, that doesn’t stop our drive to make sure that we continue giving you the best possible service, no matter where you are. To serve you, we have prepared some things you can do to keep your house and business safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. Since the beginning, we have always prided ourselves on having the cleanest facilities, rooms, and common areas. Now more than ever, we all need to do whatever we can to keep a healthy environment for ourselves and those most important to us, and that starts by keeping clean.

Rosewood Country Inn Home Cleaning Tips

Whether you are still currently working or staying at home, the importance of cleaning and sanitizing your home never fades away. To do our part in staying healthy, it all starts at the place we spend the majority of our time.

Cleaning Tips - Rosewood Country Inn

Though you may feel like you are doing a sufficient job keeping your house clean, we can always do a bit more. In a study performed by the National Institutes of Health, depending on factors including temperature, humidity, ventilation, the novel Coronavirus can remain on surfaces for up to 3 days, outlining the importance of cleaning your house frequently.

>Here are a few things that you can do:

Effectively Clean and Disinfect Your Home

We have all heard how important it is to wash your hands often, but rarely do we hear about the importance of cleaning and disinfecting our home. Sure, a quick clean helps, but it doesn’t quite do the job to the standards we need to, by following these steps, you can fully protect your home:

  • First things first, equipping yourself with disposable cleaning gloves. Because viruses can live on surfaces, the last thing you want is to complete a full clean and leave the possibility of the virus living on your clothes or skin.
  • Next, thoroughly wash all items and surfaces with a soap and water mixture.
  • After, complete the process with a household disinfectant. See here, a list of recommended cleaners. Follow all instructions on the label of the disinfectant to make sure that you are using the proper cleaner on the right surface and to help you stay safe while using them.

*Remember while you are cleaning not to touch your body, especially your face.

Target Your Home’s High-Touch Surfaces

In our home, there are surfaces that we touch on a daily basis. It is essential that these surfaces are cleaned properly  and should be given more attention than some other areas in your home. Surfaces considered “high-touch,” consist of:

  • Bathrooms: counters, toilets, sinks, and faucets.
  • Kitchen: counters, refrigerator, utensils, dishes, sinks, and faucets.
  • Dining and common areas: table and chairs
  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Controllers (TV & game)

Premium Cleaning Tips: Behind Closed Doors  

Home Cleaning Tips: Behind Closed Doors

We have outlined the importance of cleaning the surfaces that we touch most, but did you know that it goes beyond regular household appliances, areas, and items?

Disinfect Packages & Mail

Something we may not think about right away, but it is just as if not more important to clean everything that is coming into your home from other places. Every day, we continue to receive our daily mail, and because more and more people are staying at home, we find ourselves ordering more things online. This can be the everyday essentials such as groceries, but it also includes a wide variety of other products that we buy over the internet. Because these items are coming from other places, we never know who touched our goods and or if they are healthy and or practicing proper hygienic standards. Stay safe using these easy and basic guidelines:

  • Requesting that your items are placed outside your door so that you do not have any unnecessary contact with people you do not know.
  • Pickup anything delivered to you using gloves, making sure to thoroughly wash your hands after handling the item.
  • Though items delivered are at relatively low risk of containing COVID-19, it is always better to give your packages a light clean with a disinfectant.
  • Lastly, disinfect any surface that your package(s) have touched.

Personal Device Cleaning

Our cellphones, tablets, and computers are something we use often, and it is imperative that we practice cleaning these devices daily. Depending on your device, the cleaning process varies.

  • For cellphones and tablets: A disinfecting wipe or alcohol solution is best, paying extra care to sensitive areas such as cameras and buttons. If you have, remove the case and clean both the inside and outside.
  • For computers: Use isopropyl alcohol and a soft towel. Make sure to clean all areas, including the screen, keyboard, and mouse.

Auto Cleaning Checklist

Like your home, you are going to want to target the areas that you use and touch the most. When it comes to disinfecting the inside of a vehicle, you can run the risk of some elements in cleaning products that can cause permanent damage to the surfaces within. Cleaning everything that is touched on a daily basis is extremely important, and to make the process easier for you, here are some auto cleaning tips: 

auto cleaning tips - covid19

  • Dashboards 

It is always best to start at the top and work your way to the bottom so that you don’t end up dirtying areas you have always cleaned. For the dashboard lightly dust all of the surfaces and after if you don’t have any disinfectant wipes, wash with soap and water. 

  • Vents 

Though you may not notice it, a lot of things can be stuck in your vent. That is why we recommend taking a long bristled brush and fully reach all of the different things that are inside. 

  • Automobile Seating

Depending on the material of your seats, you need to be very careful. Alcohol-based and beach cleaning products can leave a permanent stain that you don’t want, so we recommend again to use a light soap and water mixture. 

  • Steering wheels 

With water and an all-purpose cleaner mixture, gently lather the entire steering wheel. Before the mixture dries, take a dry towel and rub the mixture, creating an elegant, smooth, and virus-free wheel. 

  • Handles of your doors, both inside and out. 

Because the handles of the care are less sensitive to certain products, a good disinfecting cleaner will do the trick. Be sure to clean not only the handle itself but the area around it. For the inside handles of the care, be careful that any product you use does not come into contact with areas that could be damaged by the cleaner. 

  • Floorboard Cleaning

The first step to cleaning the floors of your vehicle is removing the footpads, cleaning them with soap and water, and leaving them to dry while you attack the rest of the floor. Get all the grease and grime that has been building up with a vacuum. Make sure to get into the hard to reach places using different attachments and move your car seats back and forth to clean every space. 

Business Cleaning Tips – Taking the Extra Steps

Taking another step to ensuring the health of everyone that comes in and out of your business is mandating the use of hand sanitizer to everyone who enters and enforcing strict rules of constant hand-washing among your employees. Taking another step to ensuring the health of everyone that comes in and out of your business is mandating the use of hand sanitizer to everyone who enters and enforcing strict rules of constant hand-washing among your employees. Here are a few things that you can do for your business: 


  • Organize Everything – Keeping your business organized is an easy way to make cleaning a painless task. 


  • Cleaning Checklist- No matter if your business is big or small, it is easy to forget to wash and clean certain areas. Especially now during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is essential to properly clean daily. Creating a checklist ensures that you keep up with cleaning the areas that have the highest contact everyday. 


  • Carpet Cleaning – Cleaning your carpet is imperative because though we may not see it, there are a lot of different things hiding, such as harmful bacteria and dirt. For an easy fast option, give it a deep cleaning using a vacuum cleaner making sure to cover each and every area of your business. As a business you are not only promising to provide the best possible services for your customers, you are responsible to create a safe atmosphere for them, now more than ever. Remember, those you employ and everyone who walks through your doors is counting on you to help them stay healthy. 

At Rosewood Country Inn, You Are Our Number One Priority

Clean & Disinfect Tips


You can always rely on us at Rosewood Country Inn to continue to make you priority #1.  The one thing we can do during these difficult times is stand together, and at Rosewood Country Inn we immensely value the safety and health of those most important to us… you.